Swiper Demos

You can download all these demos and hook into the code from GitHub here

Default Setup



Pagination / Dynamic Bullets

Progress Pagination

Fraction Pagination

Custom Pagination


Vertical Slider

Space Between Slides

Multiple Slides Per View

Auto Slides Per View / Carousel Mode

Centered Slides

Centered Slides + Auto Slides Per View

CSS Scroll Snap (CSS Mode)

Free Mode / No Fixed Positions

Scroll Container

Multi Row Slides Layout

Nested Swipers

Grab Cursor

Loop Mode / Infinite Loop

Loop Mode with Multiple Slides Per Group

Fade Effect

3D Cube Effect

3D Coverflow Effect

3D Flip Effect

Keyboard Control (Open in new window)

Mousewheel Control


Dynamic Slides

Thumbs Gallery

Thumbs Gallery With Loop Mode

Hash Navigation (Open in new window)

History API (Open in new window)

RTL Layout


Lazy Loading Images

Responsive Breakpoints (Open in new window)

Auto Height


Virtual Slides

Slideable Navigation Drawer